Saturday, March 27, 2010


After a mere 3hours rest, me, Jpiing, Poi and my dad were on our way to our first fishing destination in Bangkok, the famous IT monster lake located in Ratchaburi, which is around 2hours drive from the city. John, our fishing guide came at 4am, yes 4am in the morning with his 7-seater SUV to fetch us. He said, we had to be there at 6, to have a higher bite rate. You know la, "Early birds gets the worms" mah.

Just a lil back ground on this amazing paypond that houses many amazing fishes.

IT(pronouce as ‘It’, not I.T) Monster Lake is a lake that belongs to Mr It Khun, a sugar refinery boss who loves fishing himself. Mr IT would buy fishes from fish farms across Thailand, fishes like araipaima, Chao Praya Catfish, Red Tail Tiger Catfish to put in his lake and he would invite some of his close angler friends over to fish them. Only lately he decides to open this monster lake to public with a minimum charge(3500bath per rod), which is RM350. Pretty pricey, but where else in the world, besides the Amazon, can you get a chance to come face-to-face with a Giant Arapaima Gigas.

After stopping half way to buy drinks, we finally reached IT Monster Lake at about 6.00 am in the morning. John helped us prepared our luring kit. ( Btw for those of you who doesnt noe what luring is, its a fishing technique where u try to catch a fish using a fake bait, usually mimicking a sick or injured fish.) John told us to try luring first, cause tricking and landing a fish on fake bait entirely on your own effort is just priceless :P

First fish on lure, Alligator Gar.

Now you know why they are called Alligator, just look at those teeth.

I manage to fight a red tail catfish on lure, and the whole fight was captured on the video below. But unfortunately, the bugger manage to unhook itself.

Double Hook-Up

Pacus, Pacus, Pacus, They were everywhere...

Brandon wit a handsome Pacu.

Mystery Fish that took our lure that was baited with carrots and cucumber.

Redtail Tiger, 3kg.

We continued on luring till noon, but the bite rate was very poor, cause the sun was just too hot. So we had a break and took some maggi goreng thai style and waited till 2pm for bait fishing. ( Visitors are only allowed to use bait @ 2pm onwards). John helped us rig up the chopped ikan kampung and we were off to catch the elusive ARAPAIMA !

Dint take long, when my brother caught our first redtail catfish. beautiful fish indeed. The kampung fish works like magic. Soon we were catching medium sized redtails after redtails ;and not to mention countless pacus.
Juping with his Asian Red tail Catfish. Notice the difference between this species and its South-American cousin.

It was til 4.30pm, when I finally hit something huge ! I knew it was a big one, and after losing the previous fish, I was determined to not let this one go..After a full 30mins tug of war, the fish finally gave in. BEST FIGHT EVER !

35kg Red tail Catfish, biggest one of the trip. Beauty.

Yours Truly with the Amazon Leviathan.

Juping too had his share of the fun..with this huge catfish.

Brandon with a 28kg catfish, caught during sunset.

Finally, at 7.30pm, when we were busy packing up, the fish we've been going after the whole day took our bait !! The fight wasn't as impressive compared to the 30kg redtail, but Yes !! Finally caught my dream fish, the 2nd largest fish in the world, the Arapaima Gigas or "JU LONG" in mandarin. Praise GOD !!

Family Picture with the Dragon fish.

Group Picture with the elusive Arapaima !

"Kiss of the Dragon" >.<
3rd Gar of the day.

Group Picture with our local guides and the last catch of the day.

We were exhausted, considering the fact we only had 3hours of sleep after touching down in Bangkok, but boy was it fun ! So far, it's been the best fishing experience in my life. Haha, just when you think the fun was over, we were going to the world famous Bungsamran lake the next day, for the Giant Mekong Catfish. So stay tune for "BKK FISHING DAY 2" update. Till then, God bless :D

Friday, March 26, 2010



Saturday, March 20, 2010


Lately, people which i care and love, have been experiencing things that they shouldn't have at such a tender age. Be it, your love life, your friends, or family problem or you just don't see a purpose to live anymore, don't give up. There's still more to life.There might be times when all you see around you are sinking sand, but let me tell you this, God will always be there to be your solid rock in which you can stand at these hard times. No matter what happens, He will never leave you nor forsake you. Just call unto Him and He will come and Rescue you : )

Rescue-Desperation Band

You are the source of the life
I can’t be left behind
No one else will do
I will take hold of You

I need You Jesus
To come to my rescue
Where else can I go
There’s no other name by
Which I am saved
Capture me with grace
I will follow You

This world has nothing for me
I will follow You
This world has nothing for me
I will follow You

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Melbourne Trip Part 2

This is the second post of my melbourne trip a few weeks back. Haha, if you are wondering why Irandomly flew all the way to melbourne for the weekends, this is it boys and girls ! It's for FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL 10' !! The world no3 n no4 dj were spinning at the event, it was an opportunity not to be missed.

We got to Flemington Race Course around 5pm, since the big acts were all coming out late and damn the heaven's gate started to open started to rain again..seriously i have no idea what is it with me and the rain..

Remember when i was in Sydney to watch Holland v Aus ? It was raining heavily as well..I think I'm the Rain God that mokobja was offering sacrifice to in the novel, "Looking for the rain God"..Anyways, Back to the music festival..

It was all muddy n wet..

To my surprise, David Guetta live set was really really good ! Haha me n my cousin were like wow, no wonder he's voted no3 in the world. Tracks like "Low is Gone" was freaking good. Who noe's if he keeps on coming out wit tracks like Sexy B**** n Memories, he might just be the world no1 dj this year..

Saw my highschool mate, EDC @ the AnjunaStage.

But in the end, I would still choose trance over electro house anytime, so most of the night we were at the anjunastage and indulged ourselves with awesome tunes played by Above&Beyond. Tracks like "On a Good Day" & "Lonely Girl" just gives me the goosebumps..Awesome, it was really awesome..even the rain cant stop the awesomeness of trance music :P

Lights, Music, People

The Anjuna-Stage @ Futures'10

Me, Daniel n Serene. Enjoying Trance.Embrace the Rain yo !

Yeap, the only disappointment of the night, was that me & Daniel din get to hear Anjunabeach & Sexy Bitch ! Damn we missed both b****es !! FML. Nywho, eventho we ended up soaking wet and freaking freezed to death after standing under the rain the whole night. No regrets ! It was an awesome experience to finally see A&B play live..haha my first trance event ! wooot..there's def more to come in the future ! TRANCE FTW !

Melbourne Trip Part 1

Last weekend, I was in Melb. to catch the Future Music Festival. Manage to meet up with my college mate, as well as high school friends.

So, yea after not seeing sarah for 1month. :P We finally met at Melbourne Central !! Woot Big Clock ! Yes,initially for lunch. Sorry lah Sarah, My aunty wanted to belanja me for lunch i cant turn her down ryt ? Sumore it's Curry Leong tao foo Mee wei..U dun find that in Canberra..then again u dun find alot of stuff in Canberra..

But yes, as sarah puts it in her blog, Melbourne didn't welcomed me in a very friendly manner.. while walking along Swanston street, trying to find this DODO my cousin recommend, Sarah felt something dropping.. she looked up but she didn't see anything.. after about 3 seconds..I said.. “hey its ice!”.. and then!!!! it just started raining hail like nobody’s business!!! We manage to get a tiny mini shelter but after getting hit by the ice which was really painful, and Yes I got hit in the head by a golf-ball size hail..freaking pain ! We decided to run for it n hide in Rip Curl until it gets better.

One of them ice cubes that went in my clothes

Btw Sarah, u owe me a thank you lo, if we dint hide in RipCurl, we might have got washed up by the flood water ! According to the news, this is one of the worst hail storm that ever hit Melbourne..hahah talk about good experience aye.

After that, I went to Zink place to meet up for dinner. It was really nice talking nonsense with her n LiMin. And it got better when Wei Zhang & Angeline came. Anyway, all in all it was really nice meeting them again. Really had a good time, Thanks Guys !

N yes la, Take care too Sarah. I shall see you in Easter Break, wooot this time I'll bring the snow ! :P

Of Joy and Sorrow

:( What a shitty start for the day. Yet again, Madrid werent able to break the curse, and for the 6th consecutive season got dumped out of the last-16 tie of the Champions League.

Damn it man, it was really tough for me to swallow this. I really thought Madrid will go through to the next round.Come on, unbeaten home record at the Bernabeu fortress and scoring 20goals in 3 Premiera Liga matches ! Their free flowing attacking football, spear-headed by CR9 & Kaka, really got my hopes HIGH ! Alas, the Los Blancos let me down again. It would have been great to see them play in the CL Final in their homeground, but I wasnt expecting them to go that far since they are a relatively new team, but, come on, they should have done better than this.

Goblok ! Curses Miralem Pjanic !

Now to the important question, whose to be blame ! To be frank, everyone except Casillas. The coach wasnt authoritive enuf to demand a better play from the team..Ronaldo wasnt passing the ball in the 2nd half, but how can u blame him for doing that, he was the only "real" player out on the field, making runs n passing the ball. Gahhh, Ronaldo was open a few times & Van der Vart, Higuan chose to shoot at such a tight angle. After watching the replay, Higuan's miss on the empty Lyon goal feels like a knife stab on my heart weii..It hurts. D': Gah, enuf wit the ranting. As a Madridistas, all i can say is "Come on BOYS !! LETS GO FOR THE LEAGUE TITLE & prove the critics wrong ! HALA MADRID !

Now, to the JOY PART of this post. Congrats to my brother, HANDSOME POI for doing well in SPM. Proud of you. Hahaha but I still beat you ! hohoho "SEDUT" it !

And not to forgot Sampat too. Good job :)

So the moral of the story kids, is to work hard & study hard. Its the law of the seed yo. The lesson of the seed is : " You reap your harvest after you do the work"

Effort + Patience= Results !

Now, where is my Law of Business Entity Textbook :P CHAO~