Thursday, November 29, 2007

Of Haruan soup & chicken poo....bentong trip


Sorry for the late posting , was kinda busy with college and all..anyway during the holiz , my family decided to head to bentong to do some deepavali fishing...da trip really came at the right time as i was really worn out by AS finals and i really needed a break dearly..

Yup , so after having the famous wantan mee in bentong ( trust me is just tat damn good ), we finally arrived at my uncle's farm...mmmm one can just feel relax with all the fresh air around you ( discounting all the chicken poo smell la of coz )

Overall , it was a fruitful trip...We caught more than 50 sizeable red tilapia , 1 Jelawat and my cuz, Ping was rewarded with a kilo+ haruan ( striped snakehead)...he was casting his frogbait the whole damn day and he fully deserved the catch...goodjob =)

Altho i dint catch anything worth talking bout,but i really enjoyed the trip...Im sure most would rather go shopping or stay at home to spend their holiz, but hey sometimes going to ulu-ulu places is really relaxing and fun !!! Take a break from wateva you are doing , and enjoy the greeneries , hey u will never know till u try it..Till then , God bless ( Special thanks to ju ping & family for making this trip possible ) & SPECIAL SHOUTOUT TO RI , HIIIIII =)

Peter & my bro , Brandon

Guess whats tat ??( Answer : cow poo )

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kolam Pancing Ah Keong

When i strolled in , the 1st thing i noticed at this place was a photograph of an angler proudly posing holding up a huge patin or a catfish..normally i wouldnt have given it a second glance, but it was trully a big whooper !! And so far, this is the only pond which offer such a big catch. My inquiries revealed that the fish in the photo is the sole captive from a small load of catfish rleased some time ago. According to one guy , they are pretty hard to catch because of the abundance of small shrimps or algae which is their primary source of food.

a typical patin fish

Anyway i decided to go and have a try at this pond with my usual pancing-kakis , Sony and AH-MAT ( Mat Bom )..haha anyway we were hoping 3 rods ought to triple our chances of making anything exciting here.As always walkin into a paypond for the 1st time presented me with uncertainty of whether to fish on da right side or the left side.more often than not, the decision is made by avoiding the side where the sun hits you straight in the face.

Nothing happened for da nxt 4 hours, that is after discounting my capture of six tilapia. However the story was diff for abang Sony and Mat Bom as they both caught 3 pacu & 1 sizeable Jelawat...after gettin tired of unhookin small criters, i decided to search for some decent photos.after walking a short distance i saw an angler executing a murderous can tell it was a big catch...the tug of war lasted for almost half an hour & finally it was caught !! it was a 8kg catfish..a very big cat indeed..

after taking some photos i headed back to my rod..and i saw there was a slight tug on my waited for 3 sec and gave a firm strike n the fight was on !! the fight wasnt long but it was still a strong fighter and it turn out to be a sizeable 3kg rohu or indian carp..all in all it was an eventful day..and YES SIR , we will be back for more..till then God bless.


right : theres definite love here..

left : abang sony with his pirahna

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

grasscarp !!!

It was a sunny afternoon, once in a while a cooling breeze would come along....haha cut the crap..anyway it was right after we had our thinking skills paper1 that charles suggest we go to tropicana pond to have a go..( of coz as usual need to fetch him back =p ) So after gettin gardenia bread from the sundry shop, we were off to the pond..the pond isnt impressive or big but hey its still a haven for anglers like us.

After settin up the bait,our lines were cast out..we caught numbers of tilapia and occasional jaguar was fun at first but it soon gotten a bit boring as most are only palm size juvenile was 6.45pm when we were only left with a small crumb of bread, so it was our final cast for the day ( and it wasnt far at all )..we waited for 10mins and the line slowly tighten and there was a slight tug..its just yet another miserable tilapia charles thought..but the fight was much stronger compared to the other catches and i finally reeled in and it was a grass carp !!! haha a big one too !! who would have thought there would be such a big fish in this pond ?? after a few photo session with the beauty we released it back to the waters..overall it was a good fishing day !! not bad for such a pond not bad at all. Till then God bless and tight lines !!! ( note,all catch were release )