Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gong Xi Fatt Chai

Well , the chinese new year holiday has already started for me ( which was like back in last friday i guess)..anyway the following saturday, went to EeTeng's mansion for high school reunion/farewell party for some of the 'aussies' and overseas bound classmates..Lol as u can see eventhough all of us have gone with our separate ways, there's LOVE lost btween us

Anyways i did some new year fishing on chinese new years eve and ya here's the far one of the best trip i guess..Like Ri said , guess my ONG finally mali di since its CNY =)

Oh by the way , CJ7 is a must watch movie for the new year !! Once again stephen chow has shown us how "skillful" he is...great movie.touching and humorous at the same time unlike Meet the Spartans which is plain idiotic..till then HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR people..GONG XI GONG XI !

Just gotta admire Stephen's work.