Monday, June 30, 2008


Whoever wins, football is the biggest winner. This euro was way better & more entertaining compared to the last one.Teams like Turkey, Croatia & Russia has proven that they deserve to be in the finals. It was actually a good thing for England to not qualify for the finals, or else they might just be humiliated by other superior teams. For example,like France & Italy being hammered by the dutch. Anyway, i was rather disappointed that the Oranje dint enter the semis,Wesley & Robben were superb in the group stages ( which is excellent news for REAL MADRID ).Players who worth mentioning are Ashavin, Villa, Altintop, Schweinsteiger, Ramos and of course Torres. Not a big fan of him, but credit to him for working hard upfront as a lone striker in the final against the germans. All in all, EURO08 was attacking football at its best. ( Damn no more football for one whole month )


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blindman See.

We all know that Apples are RED and the skies are BLUE .But have you ever wondered how red or blue would actually look or even means to a blind dude ? I mean in the 1st place how do u even start to describe red or any colour to a person who has never seen colour in their whole entire life ! How does it feels and how does the world looks like through a blindman eyes ? How is our world through their perspective ? Just think bout it, maybe the apple or the skies that they know of is very much different than the real thing..maybe the apple they know is more "blue-ish" rather than red ? hmm..Interesting aint it .

Special Agents, HULK & Mcdreamy..

Had a 3 movie marathon at MidValley last monday,with the usuals, ri ,charles n xiaw.

First movie was "Get Smart" . Reli enjoyed it. And i totally disagree with what ri said, it wasnt that obvious la the plot and gosh who would have thought Agent23 was a double-agent ? Anywho,gotta say The Rock's acting skill is improving & Anne is smoking hot..woooo feel the heat.

Looking good Rocky

Next was The Incredible Hulk. Not a big fan of hulk. I just cant feel the alter-ego thing btween bruce & hulk compared to lets say pete & spidey. Maybe it was just too animated and CGI

"HULK SMASH !!!" I wonder why his pants wont rip off when he turns into hulk.

Had dinner at ALEXIS in Gardens.Enjoyed the $13buck per piece tiramisu cake and we're off to our last film of the day."Made of Honour''. Great. (-.-)

Din't really enjoyed it that much.Maybe cause im a GUY & romantic comedy aint my cup of tea & yea it certainly is a movie for couples so yea it sucks.But im sayin that just bcoz im single =b Anyway,its a good film, the plot's interesting and the glow in the dark thunder beads is awsome. So yea overall its a successful movie outing compared to the few films we watched thus far.GREAT SUCCESS.