Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This is your captain speaking...

"Good friends we have, oh, good friends we have lost.Along the way.
In this great future called life, you can't forget your past;
So dry your tears, i say"- Bob Marley

Boohooo, soon everyone's leaving for their studies. Well not really the case for Noel la, since he's going over there to watch Manchester United play instead of study. Everyone is so separated at the moment.Some will be in the UKs , some in australia, some in singapore and some, well they just disappear *poof without saying a word to you. I guess in a month time, our class gathering would just be me, Boo and FAI.sad case. Anywho, all the best to whatever you guys are doing and do take care ! So dry your tears i say, cause we'll meet again in 4 years time at Asia Cafe. God Bless & see you guys soon !

PS : *Rianne please wear protection helmet when ur in uk pls, coz the chances of u gettin hit by any flyin objects is still extremely HIGH ! :P

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Just got back from a 3hour PS2 "FIFA08 WORLD CUP TOURNAMENT" in the wong residence. A total of 9 were spilt into 4 teams. Team Spain was made out of Ju Yuan, me & thiszhiyong. Team Brazil is represented by jpiing & mokkies. Brandon & Joel were playing France ,and last but not least the "DOK SEK" ( DOK SEK-selfish;dont pass ball in footballing term ) team which was made out of Jwoh Wei & Jeffrey.

Match Report: Gameday 1

It was a close match.But Fernando Torres's ( me lah.. ) predatory skills were good enough to secure 3 full points for the spaniards. So far so good for the only team with 3 players which is not necessary a gd thing in FIFA08.

Jojo & Brandon were superb together, passing the ball around with authority. But, it was Jeff's solo effort that ruin the Les Blues day.

Gameday 2
Over confidence and lack of concentration.enuf said.

Sorry, wasnt in the room, was watching Disney Kids Channel with YanYan.

Gameday 3

It was a must win for us to advance into the finals. 3 goals were scored in the 1st 30mins.wooo tension.But we still made it ! Thanks to thiszhiyong. RITE....

France startd out brightly but joel just couldnt finish it nicely, wasting several one on one chances. At the end of the day the team that took their chances won. Setting up a final showdown with ESPANYOL. wooooo
lian juang : harh still got final ahh...sighh

From the start, lady luck wasnt on spain's side. It all started when Puyol got sent off for a handball which was utterly ps2 la.Like what are the chances of that happening. A man down and 2 goals down, Spain continued to push on and manage to pull one back during the 1st half. We even force a goal line clearence which is FAKE lah.A bad blunder by me made it 3-1 at 47' and the game was all but over. Victory to the samba boys.

Credits to Mok & ping for the stunning come back in form and many thanks to those who attended this fifa08 gathering.This is Benjamin Khor from HFSB, i hope you had a great time and hope to see you again. Thanks for reading and good bye.
Quote of the day by Uncle Andy: Haiyah WENG, England cannot enter final one lah. hmmm...
"Hey hey you you i wanna be your girlfriend~"

"Hi uncle!"

"Hello? Ah? Meh si?"