Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Unconditional Love

First thing that came to my mind,when i saw the heart shape cloud,while I was driving back from work,was John 3:16."For God so Love the world,that He gave His one and only son,and whoever believes in him,shall not perish but have eternal life." Indeed,our Heavenly Father love us,his children so much that He gave His one and only Son.So,let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas : The birth of our Lord,Jesus Christ ! The unconditional act of love from our Father of Creation. Blessed Christmas Everyone and a Happy New Year ! :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bail Me Out !

US Senate Rejects US$14 billion Auto Bailout

A US$14-bil emergency bailout for US automakers has being rejected by the Senate on Thursday night after the United Auto Workers union refused to accede to Republican demands for swift wage cuts. Without any financial funds for the US automakers, the world largest automakers General Motors and Chrysler LLC are expected to go bust in a matter of few weeks time.

This decision by the Senate is going to have a really big impact on the economy. The Dow Jones industrial average has already fell 196.33, or 2.24 percent, to 8,565.09 in its openings, as investors sentiment on the market worsen.

Yes, the free market law says, only the efficient firm can be left survive in the market. But, not at this moment. The Senate doesnt realise how big the impact would be if GM goes bust.

Millions would lose jobs.How long will this global economic meltdown would be, all entirely depends on how fast US is spending again.And with one million jobs due to be loss in a couple of weeks time, the outlook for 2009 and 2010 is set to be even gloomy than ever.This is because, a bigger unemployment rate will lead to a greater decline in overall GDP in the country. Life would be much tougher now for the President-Elect Obama, because he needs a even BIGGER stimulus package which includes creating EVEN more jobs since unemployment numbers are expected to increase.

Related Industry would be heavily hit as well. Earnings of related industries such as tyre manufacturer, US-car Service Shops, Spare-parts manufacturers will be also be badly hit as the demand for the end product or complement product has stopped. Thus, forcing these related industry to go bust as well, which in turn will create even more unemployment.

Weaker Consumer and Investor Sentiment. As investors and consumers starts to see how severe the problem has become, they would start selling off their shares to gain any possible profit they can get,which will cause the stock market to fall.

Final Words. The economy is in such a weakened state right now, that adding another possible loss of millions of jobs is not something that the US economy can sustain at this very moment point of time. But none the less, the US government would now have more reserves needed to bailout any potential companies who are in better conditions compared to the auto makers.

Thanks :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Awesome Track.

A must listen track by the rising star Reggie Watts. Enjoy.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

O.M.I #1

Last Saturday, went to bentong farm together with the Lees, jping family, bro and myself. As usual, we left around 7am and had breakfast in bentong town for some awesome wanton mee and dim sum. The char siew pau is a must try too. After a heavy stomach, we continued on with our journey. It was so cooling along the raub-bentong road..In fact, it was cooler than air-con. Along the way, we saw random kmpg people popping out of no way standing along the road..hmmm..o yes we saw lots of dogs too. Joel Lee had some fun too, whistling and flirting with kampung girls. Naughty chap.
Anywho, we finally reached the farm around an hours time and were greeted by jeffrey's dad. They were here the day before to do some hunting session. Andy kew-kew showed off his prize possession from the hunting session which was two eagles..Such powerful creatures the claws the wing..So majestic but covered with blood..which explains why i dint take any pictures of them.

Moving on to the fishing..My day couldnt get any worse, when my first cast got hit by a huge patin. I was so excited when i saw the fish swam infront of me, but thats when my nightmare started..I couldnt stop it from going into the wooden plank and the leviathan just entangled the line and snap the fish was gone..I was still in denial saying the fish was still there, but jeff told me its gone sonn and finally gave in and cut the entangled strings..geezz i think thats the last patin in the big pond due to the horrible management of a particular "someone" and hoping to get another one was just impossible.

Dejected, I went back to the pondok to do some TILAPIA fishing. I decided to do a huge Bomb bait and drop it just below the pondok and jeff was saying." wahlau so big ? how the fish eat ?!" and i said, just leave it lah can one..and what do you noe, this whooper came and took my strawberry pandan bait..hahaha everyone was jumping with joy when we finally landed it.

3kilo Rohuuuu, me and jeff posing with the fish.

Catch of the Day

Dont ask me,I oso dunno wat happen..

Like what my bro said, its not about the catches but the reunion with family members that truly makes it a good trip. Now that i know the way to bentong,anyone interested to go this place just leave me a message lah. Pricing can be negotiate.

Bountiful Harvest.

Mohd.jeffrey & voon posing for the cameras.

Playing with the late-" Siew Pang Yaos"

Sang-yee, best can drink opener.

Was this "charmaine" or "liyin" di ah ?