Friday, February 13, 2009

Crispy Marijuana Chicken

Gah, finally everything in my to-do list is almost done. The last two items left to be crossed out are : 1) GET A LAPTOP ASAP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD and 2) Sign myself a phone contract. OK, ive been thinking for quite some time whether I should go ahead with an nokia or indulge myself with an I-PHONE ! It looks awesome and most of all its like an ipod touch + GPS thing in case I get lost in Canberra after a marijuana party. So, which one shud I go ahead with guys ?

Ah yes, I checked in to my uni campus or UNILODGE on Wednesday and I must say the place looks awesome. I never would have choose it unless Jane told me about it. Thanks Jane. Anyway moving on to the best part, you see my mum is so worried that I would die in Canberra because of being not used to living alone, that she prepared almost everything for me.No,let me rephrase I was OVERLY-PREPARED ! All the new arrivals in Kinloch had only max4 bags of luggage ? and guess how many I had…6 + a box of knifes and cooking utensil and that’s not it…a few plastic pails in case I need them..Daem. Everyone was staring at me and my 5ringgit pasar malam plastic pails and my 6oversized bags. Embarrassed ?Maybe a little. But, now my apartment looks more like an apartment. Its already stock with everything I need, food,tissue paper,forks,etc, eventhough I haven’t even started living in it. Aint my mom the best yea ! Anywhoos, I sure hope ANU is gonna be a fun place. I’ve already met some guy in ANU who was 100% on weed cause he was stoning when I was asking him direction on where was the student admin office. Haha lets light some spliff mon.

All right, moving on with my OZZY life, after enrolment, we packed up and started heading back to good old Sydney.

“Wait, what bout orientation week ?”
Cousin, “Aiyah, Ben. Orientation are for geeks. You don’t need to attend it.”
Me, “OK..then how am I gonna know where my classes are gonna be at ? Or where the library is ? Or the toilet ? (ok maybe not the toilet )”
Cousin, “ Haha, no worries, on the 23th, choose a nice asian chick student walk up to her and say hi im new here, would you mind showing me around the campus ?”
Me? No comment but I’ll give it a try anyway. So,wish me luck people. Heheh.

Ok, so that’s pretty much what ive been up to for the past one week in sydny and Canberra. Till then, God bless and have a sucky valentines day !

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Above & Beyond

G'day Mate, I can't update my blog till i get my laptop up and running in Oz. So until then, Good Night and God Bless !