Monday, October 12, 2009

Aussie,Aussie,Aussie !

Had a great opportunity last weekend to catch the national team play against the mighty ORANJE ! Just wanted to share the pictures with you guys, and once again thank you very much Mr.Matt Wong from Garden-Lodge, Sydney for the complementary stay.

walking towards the stadium



The rain obviously dint dampened our spirits ! Go Socceroos !

ang moh chick

V.bronckhorst wore the wrong undies for the match. :P

Good lad.


V.D.V taking corner kick.


Final Score, 0-0, everyone said it was boring, but hey i enjoyed it !

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Woot !

Wsap peeps..its been a while aye ? Well life's been pretty hectic before break, assignments, exams, quizess became a norm for me for the past few weeks ! It aint healthy for the soul !

Anyway had a great mid sem break a week ago. Enjoyed my socks off ,when im suppose to study for finals. But what the heck, study hard,play harder !! : )

Kicked off my break with an awesome night out wit my party animals..( its been too long since my last clubbing session )

With the host of the nite,miss p.s "im fat la k" lenchua

The drinks were great.The music was great. The people was great. But the highlight of the night had to be this ang moh girl who apparently forgot her panties ! Daem girl ! We saw everything from the dance floor.It was a sight to behold ! Scar-ed for life !

catherine/christine, shane, sam

The following Saturday, I was off to Sydney to meet up with my relatives. Nothing much happen, I just ate and ate and ate and sleep alot ! Courtesy of Garden Lounge Swiss Inn. Awesome stay, thanks to Mr.Matthew Wong.

Had a chance to try a few new restaurants this time, and I think the places mention below are definitely worth a try if u love food.

1.La Renaissance Café Patisserie( the rocks,SYD)
-Famous for cakes, pastries, savouries, chocolates and macarons.
-The "zulu" & "mud-cake" is a must try !

2.Masuya 鱒屋 Jap.Restaurant
-Fresh seafood ! oysters !
-Wagyu beef !

3.Kura Jap.Restaurant (opposite market city)
-authentic jap food
-cheap,beats izumi anytime.