Wednesday, October 29, 2008


"Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank,Coming down with the Dow Jones"

Thats right, those are the lyrics from rihanna's umbrella.True enough the dowjones and the world markets are crashing down like rain drops..woooo global recession is coming soon. But the funny thing is most malaysian still do not know whats coming. Just a few days back, me and two of my fellow RA colleagues went to a few shopping malls to do consumer sentiment survey.

One of the question was "Has the recent economic situation affected ur spending habits ? "

And guess what, a number of people actually said our economy were still doin fine, and there is no reason to worry about. Besides malaysia depends alot on china we wont be affected by america rite ?

Gosh, they are soooo wrong. The government aint telling the truth on our economic well being..the truth is our country's economic had never really experience any substantial growth ever since the boom in 1997. After that, things have been gloomy for malaysia.You could ask any of your parents who are in the business, they would tell you malaysia's market has never been good for a long long time. And now to the china part. Yes, we've been trading alot with china over the past few years. However, bear in mind that china is just a manufacturing country which produces goods. Thus,ultimately the end buyers are still the fellow yankees. So,if the americans dont buy,china dont get to manufacture and if china dont manufacture they wont trade with us.( still with me ? )

Nevertheless, we would be better prepared in this economic crisis compared to our neighbour, singapore. Reason being we are less depandant on our financial or service sector, but more to a commodity driven country, exporting steels and palm oil. Plus we are currently practising a 4% budget deficit compared to 1997 where we're at 5% budget deficit. Thus, making it possible for us to extent to an additional 1% budget deficit to boost the growth when times are bad. Besides that , Govt's decision to choose smaller projects thru out the country over major projects are also seen as a positive move to stabilise the market, as more contracts are being given out thus creating a bigger multiplier effect to boost growth.

One can expect a rise in crime rates,due to major unemployment in the near future as share market crash.Thus,we must be extra careful with everything. Cheaters and robbers are ready to pounce on any opportunity the've got,especially when times are so bad.. Tho, on the brighther note, in economic terms, theres always an opportunity to get rich when shares are low..So, to those potential share buyers out there, good luck and hope you get the right shares. And to us, people with no income, lets just hope the mega sale will be better this year. * DANG, should i get my mercurial vapor boots now,or wait for the prices to drop..zzzz

Monday, October 27, 2008

自尊心都可以出卖, 忘记我也是无坏

有了女朋友了没? 还是单身啊? 没有对象吗? 你是GAY啊?

教会的朋友就会问: 我们的CHURCH没有美女吗?

我都不靓仔 那会有美女喜欢啦!!



其实我还有很多东西还没做,工作压力很大, 很多人又以为我这行业很轻松, 真得那么好做吗?你不妨来试一试 做我这行业!!

读书又辛苦又难,考试就快要到了, 还有很多很多科目还不会, 怎样办?谁可以来帮我教我?

站得太久, 分岔口怎麼去走, 我够胆孤注一掷, 完全没有颤抖。
爱你那段时侯, 简简单单经已足够, 到任何东西应有尽有, 谁还留力舐伤口。
人生太短 出手要更大,旁观者不需理解,赢得风光 豪得精彩,自己偏偏感觉失败。
自尊心都可以出卖, 忘记我也是无坏, 连幸福都输掉醉在长街, 依然是我最大。

奇跡太少, 这心癮更大, 受伤都不需慰解, 垂手可得全个世界,
自己的一生却失败 。

自尊心都可以出卖, 忘记我也是无坏, 连幸福都输掉醉在长街, 依然是我最大,
连梦想洒一地再任人踩 依然笑得爽快。。。

written by a good friend of mine.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The 40th Edition Merdeka Cup

"Free-scoring Malaysia could only fire blanks against Vietnam in the final of the 40th Merdeka Tournament at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil yesterday.And, in the end, it was Vietnam who came out victorious, beating Malaysia 6-5 in sudden-death penalty shoot-out after both teams were tied 0-0 after extra-time. " sources : the star

Well that pretty much sums it all up for the final last night. What a disappointment..its like every time i watch Malaysia play, they will just lose..aiyo heart break la..The players gave all they got and some new players were exceptionally good, charging up the field continuosly but our winger, Mohd Ashaari Samsuddin was just plain horrendous..people attacking, the left flank winger still joging up. My gosh !! bloody bad substitution i would say.

vietnam players shouting " Hoo Chi Minh !! " after defeating mlysia.

Anyway, eventho malaysia lost.The man of the match award still goes to Mohd Daudsu Jamaluddin. What a player la ! Defended well, had some shots at the goal , and cooly slotted in he's penalty..This is what we need for our national squad..hardworking players !

In DAUDSO We Trust.

I must say im gonna miss watching malaysia playing live when i gone furthering my studies..the atmosphere the crowd..Sure arsenal or Mu play better football than malaysia but the feeling of supporting ur own country is just price-less. Plus you can hear funny comments from the fans..such as " OKAY, come on babeh ! " " kasi sama dia kasi dia mati !" ooi bodoh sepak la !

But the best moment for the nite,was from this little girl who sat behind me. She was shouting "Malaysia, malaysia boleh" the whole time..then all of a sudden i heard her chanting "merah merah,merah ! cepat merah ! " then her dad quickly said "Eh, sayang, malaysia bukan merah la !" She then quickly hide in her dads arms..How Cute ! Laugh out Loud !!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pet Owners.

We human-beings are getting weirder each day.A few months back, i remember seeing a lady sharing her drink with her dog with the same freaking straw !! My gosh, thats just plain disgusting.Dogs and cats actually use their tongues to groom themselves from fleas and excessive furs.I mean how could someone share eating utensil with their pets ?!! The idea of doing it just makes me wanna vomit. Dun get me wrong, i love pets but one must noe where to draw the line la.haha besides that, i heard stories where a man shared his son's paddle pop with their pet turtle..think thats mad ? wait till you hear this..a teenager in australia actually let a stray dog lick he's lips and then kisses her mom..ahha like wth ? talk about education well-spend ! So whats your amazingly disgusting experience with a fanatic pet-lover ?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Wahai Negaraku

Its really sad seeing our country who used to be among the top boys in asia region falling to such a low state..We used to compete with China , South Korea or even Japan in economy-wise but now we are struggling to attract foreign investors compared to under-developing countries like Vietnam or Cambodia who are way behind of us in well pretty much everything. Over the past few years, FDI have been moving out from our country due to political instability and not to mention various red-tapes involved. Furthermore, labour cost have been gradually increased compared to Vietnam. Malaysia is slowly becoming less-competitive compared to our neighbouring countries. But is our country and the govt really tat bad ? Not at all, in fact,we can capitalise in our oil palm and create more value added products compared to primary products.
Besides that, the iskandar project was a brilliant project, but due to poor infrastructure planning, it has lost its attractive-ness.So there's definetly room for improvement for Malaysia ! Well you can take our malaysia's football squad as an anology for our country's economy well being. Days where Mokhtar dribbling past Maradona are long gone..We'r now playing with lowly minnows such as SIERRA LEON , NEPAL & AFGHANISTAN in the merdeka tournament. Being the host and defending champion, our boys better give it all they have and make malaysia a country worth talking about,before the world recession creeps in or our country is all but over ! ( well for the football la, for our economic standing ? theres still hope =)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Definition of Faith

What is the definition of faith ? and im not talking bout faith rundii all talking bout the FAITH that we humans hold on to. According to the dictionary it means a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny. True..but to me, faith in God is not just a leap in the dark but a reasonable trust. So, whats your definition of faith :)


Lol just look at the score !! Brazil 21 x 0 Solomon Island !! Owned !

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Crocodile Dundee..

Australia trully is a land filled with many beautiful beaches..Sydney alone has a dozen of quality beaches..the famous being Bondi Beach..and along the way are Coogee, Marubaa and the list go on..and here are some of the shots i took during the sydney trip.

This is bondi beach..the land of beautiful hot very hot aussie girls everywhere :P tho i dun understand why most of them aussie girls has belly..must be the friday night drinking i guess.

...Maruba beach...

The surface sure look like the moon huh..hmm who noe's maybe the americans didnt even go to moon at all,but instead went to maruba beach to make the Apollo landing shots...hmm..conspiracy theory..

another shot of the beautiful scenery of maruba bay.( can u spot what the aussies are doing in the picture ? no ? )

oh yea..babeh.feel the love !