Wednesday, November 26, 2008


She told me that she would rather fix her make up,
than trying to fix whats going wrong.
But her problems keeps on calling even when the cell phones gone.

She said her life was screwed from left to right, top to bottom.
The world she's living in keeps on crashing down like the KLCI or was it the Dow ?
Signs of global recession adds to the misery ;
but nothing could cloud the fact that her heart was empty.

Was it a relationship that never should have happen;
or was it a Casanova that has stolen her heart,Topsy turvey,head over heels.
Drowning her sorrows with beer & liquor; only to make more tears,burning her ailing heart.

Education wasn't her flair either. Up and down was her results like. Tho, visions of one day stepping into Cambridge still lingers.

Could life get anymore worse than an empty soul without any vision in life, she asked. "Whats the point of living in this forsaken world ?!"

A close friend once told me that, God Never Make Mistakes.
Your very existence on this earth was never an accident or a mistake my dear.

Yes,your high school dreams are gone;
Yes,your childhood sweethearts might be gone.

But, Life is more than puppy love;
Life is still more than broken relationships;
Life was never about how many As you scored ;
Life was never about how much money you make.
No, Life is much much more than that.

God has His Great Plans,even before you were created.
Sure,things might not turn out what you've always wanted it to be;
Cause only the Spirit knows what's best for you.

Hey, I'm really glad you asked, my friend.
Life is still worth living, life is still worth living !
So, straighten up ye little souls, what's there to be sober bout.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Tiger Prawn Golf Academy

Had my first driving range session with Deric last Saturday. Before he gave me a call, i never knew he played golf. So, it was a great catch up session with the hardcore Arsenal fan.

I must say he played reasonably well, considering he just started and im sure he'll become a pro anytime next 2years. Haha dont give up dood. I took 4 years to reach this stage and yes practice makes perfection..So, anyone interested to pick up golf ? ( I would much prefer girls than guys tho heheh )..Just give me a call and in no time you will play like Tiger Prawn, oops i meant Tiger Wood. =p Deric gives a 110% focus and attention on his swing.

End Product : Enjoying the feeling of landing a perfect shot.

Myself (Tiger Prawn) in action.

oo yea,Tiger Woods likes what he's seeing.. =p


Everyone has a limit, so don't take things for granted and don't test my patience.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Latest Christmas carol for 2008,

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:Recession is coming to town.

It's hitting you once,
It's hitting you twice
It doesn't care if you've been careful and wise
Recession is coming to town

It's worthless if you've got shares
It's worthless if you've got bonds
It's safe when you've got cash in hand
So keep cash for goodness sake, HEY

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cashI'm telling you why:Recession is coming to town!

Finance products are confusing
Finance products are so vague
The banks make you bear the cost of risk
So keep out for goodness sake,

OHYou'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:Recession is coming to town.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


TOMAN fish is the most talked about fish species in our family. Almost every family gathering, we would talk about our past experience with this freshwater Leviathan. And its no secret that the toman fish is my favourite type of fish too. So i thought why not write a post on this magnificient fish. 5kg whooper from T.Kenyir

In english, its called the Giant Snakehead or the Red Snakehead. In Malay and Indonesian it is called Toman Harimau ( it comes from the Tiger like stripes it has ) and 'Shado' in Thailand.But, in our family we would call it " Toh-MAN"

Toman fish is usually called red snakehead because during its juvenile stage it would show a striking red tone running across the body and as it grows the line u see will start to fade away and breaking into stripes.

toman fish is one of the most hardy and dangerous fish in the world and i'll show its awsome-ness on the video below

During the olden days, people actually use ducklings as baits to lure these beast.Just imagine a 10kilo toman attacking the duckling on the surface ! Wicked Cool..But i would much prefer to use catfish or keli as bait. Reason being they like to wiggle alot and they can last longer with a hook sticking on their tail longer than any other bait fish.

You wont wanna mess with this mouth.

toman would attack animals or even divers in Tasik Kenyir when they are in their territory. Just recently tomans in the national zoo lake have been attacking birds, injuring their legs and even devouring some of the ducks. And with the teeth like that, dun be surprise if you lose a finger or two if ur having one as your pet.

The fish is almost the same size as the kid.

So,you wanna experience the awsome-ness of this powerful fish ? Try TowFoo Sport fishing Centre, Kundang. Tasik Kenyir,Terengganu. Tasik Temenggor, Perak. All these places boast one of the largest catches of toman fish in the world.


Working is by all means Stressful.
It's exhausting. It drains your Mind; drains your Body Energy; and it drains your Soul.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

From Korea,with Love.

Do you catch a breath when I look at you? highly impossible

Are you holding back like the way I do? I doubt

Cause I'm trying and trying to walk away,

But I know this crush ain't goin' away ! almost definitely babeh

LEE HYORI, the 8th wonder of my world. ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God Bless America

US were open-minded enuf to have a first black presiden. Perhaps a chinese or an indian prime minister for malaysia for the next election ? *PAUSE* nah ! wont happen in my life time la.

Today was a very important day for the Americans and the world as well as history has been made.Barack Obama was elected the nation's first black president in a historic triumph that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself. I was really relief when i read that Obama won the election. You could see he's a man on a mission ; ready to take on the toughest job yet by taking over USA at such a turmoil conditions ; ready to do his job even though he knew some hill-billy out there were plotting to assassinate him. Yes, it was time for a change. People were fed-up with the republicans. Wars at Iraq, sub-prime loan, enough was enough.

I'm sure u must be asking, "why do I care bout USA ? Its got nothing to do with me !" Well, my friends, whether you like it or not, "whenever US sneezes, the whole World catches a cold ! " Just take the financial crisis for an example. US are the one who screwed their banking sector but the whole world is suffering with them as well. Americans are not all smart and rich. Almost 1/3 of the population have not even step out of their country before ! They just live in their own world and doesn't give a shit on whats gonna happen to the rest of the world. Bloody Yanks, i would say. But, just a minority of them tat is.

But nonetheless, credits to the whites for voting for Obama and overcoming the so called white syndrome ! Even Obama said the other day that victory cannot be 100% as you never know when the white syndrome would kick in.Im sure you dont want a vice president in Sarah Palin ,who has never set a foot out of america, do you ? :/

Monday, November 3, 2008

Strange but True.

"Gold get dug out of the ground in Africa, or somewhere else around the world. Then, we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be stracthing their head."- Warren Buffet