Sunday, August 31, 2008


This is the mind-blowing finale-cum-epilogue that aired during the Talent Nite of the camp itself! ENJOY People !

Friday, August 29, 2008

No Apologies.

I know the camp is over, but damn the promo for the camp is just awsome la..ROCK ON YTU!ROCK ON ! ( i noe how most people dont even bother watching the videos that i load on the blog, but u haters out there must watch this video la..just this once ! thank you )

Friday, August 22, 2008

God never make mistakes

It feels only like yesterday, when i was still talking to you regarding the reply letter to UCL.The colourful haiwaii shirts, the white tuxedo in ah-yang's wedding , our " ben-liang " theories , lame jokes..The image of us walking up the sri petaling road after sunday worship still flashes by, when I walk down jalan sri petaling 2 to see you for the last time.

To be honest, the thought of you going so soon never crossed my mind not even once. I always thought you loved God soo much till you dont deserved death for being such a holly person. Like Daniel Mok, i felt cheated when i got the news..I couldnt understand WHY ?? WHY did He let you go ? Despite all our prayers for your speedy recovery ? And you still left us. Our hope were crushed.

But,after remembering what you once said that, " No matter what happens , God never make mistakes " and reading your posts again.

"Another thing I need to mentioned is that though this whole ordeal was tough, and I know not how long it will last, but I thank God that it did lead me back to a certain realization about the power of God once again and the purpose He has for my life, praying to God that I won’t lose this focus again and again."
-Ju Liang-

Only then, i finally realised why you have left us. It was so clear now.In philipians 1:21, "For to me,to live is Chirst and to die is gain" . You have done everything possible on this earth to glorify His great name, and it was time for you to be with our heavenly Father.Praising God through playing the guitar, helping out in VBS when you were feeling better and even Praising the Lord in the midst of your suffering. You have live the life according to God's plan & now you are in a better place, a place without suffering and pain..Endless praise and worshipping our Father above. Ahhh, you go and enjoy now liang !

Indeed, death has lost its sting 2000years ago, when Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and gave us LIVING HOPE. My fellow theorist, add-math tutor,ahliang zhai my cousin. It look likes we will have to change our plan of going to japan then. heheh. We will see you soon, mate.

- Ju Liang has left all of us with a challenge to love God even more , so, are you ready to face the challenges ahead ?-

Monday, August 11, 2008


So finally my A-levels results are out. Well, to be honest im not too happy with. But even then, thank God for giving the results that Im having now. Cause hey it could be worst, who knows rite ? But like they always say, even the best result cant get you the best friends. How true. Thank you ET for being such a great friend and for lending me a hand when i was down..thanks for being there when i needed someone to comfort me..thank you ! :) ( hugss )

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dark Knight

Unseen deleted scene of Dark Knight- Joker Interrogation Scene from the movie "Dark Knight". A must watch !! Highly Recommended !

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Good Italianno Times.

Finally, my days working at Italiannies are over..Well to be honest, my last day there wasnt as fun as i thought it would. For the first time I was given station 7 & 8 ( busiest station in the restaurant ) and boy i did mess things up..the stupid host kept one sending guest to my station, and everyone was acting busy when there's nothing to busy about anyways..yep i was on my own allright !

Then, SHIT (in the form of Cappucino Pie ) HAPPEN . So,this is what happen. Table 184 wanted their dessert C.pie so i went to the expo and left the dessert slip for the kitchen dude to prepare the job. After 10mins still dint come out. I mah go and check lo. They say its out de,so ok fine, and so i went back to key in orders for other tables. Well guess what, table 184 still havent got their dessert. So where the hell is it !! The guest were damn pissed all right. I quickly stormed back to the expo demanding for explanation, turns out the previous C.pie was for T92...ok...then wheres 184 ? They say they dint see it ! Honestly screw the kitchen people..never check properly which dessert are from the slip n which is from the monitor screen..and in the end, i got it from KaySze. " ITS TOO LATE, ITS TOO LATE ! WHY DINT U TELL ME EARLIER !!" Hello ? i would, if i had some help from other servers ryt ? ish ended up the pie was canceled n there goes an angry customer..

Bah, so are you guys happy now for slamming my station ? Well congrats, u guys suceeded..But who cares..So my frens, the lesson to be learned here : Is to never ever tell anyone its ur last day cause, oh yea they will try to make it as horrible as it can get..shitty people :b
But ya, there is still no love lost between us ( erhem, not in that gay-ish way of coz ). Thanks for being so patient with me. Thanks for teaching me how to handle stuck-up customers. Thanks for giving me knowledge on various italian food & various wine. But, most of all many thanks for the enjoyable working experience. Thank you!