Thursday, July 31, 2008


Just got my First-EVER pay cheque today..woot, All right ! Whose ready for some shopping just give me a call. ( 012-23xxxxxx) benjamin.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Life is more than money, time was never money.Time was never cash, and life is definetly more than girls.. As much as i dream to be a " PUA " or a charming fellow who can attract every girl in sight, I just cant. Hey, that aint me man. I honestly dont find joy in doing that. I'm sorry if I ever hurt or offendend people in the past or even in the future. Trully am. Dont hate me, but try to accept me for who I really am. If not ? Then, just forget bout me cause thats just how Xianjin is.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chelsea Chelsea.


6-0 or 7-o perhaps, considering the way they played the two previous games in china & macau. But we were all wrong. The final score was only 2-0.Disappointing aint it..Deco was superb in the 1st half before he was sub and Chelsea were always looking dangerous when he had the ball. However, the man of the match wasnt Anelka or A.Cole eventho they scored the winning goal. For me, our national keeper was superb through out the whole game. Stopping Deco's volley, punching the ball out of danger, damn he's actually good ! There was this moment, where Essein broke free from the kayu defence and he was one on one, but the malaysian lad manage to deny Chelsea a third goal of the night !! Well how bout that for a save !!

Anywhos, i dont really blame Chelsea for not taking this game too seriously cause they are gonna play in Moscow in two days time for the Moscow Cup. So yea, all the best for Terry and Co. and thanks for dropping by to KL. All in all, it was good game, as we manage to see Huge EPL stars like Frank, Deco, A.cole & P.Cech (he's damn tall ). Till then, God bless.

Deco taking corner

Malaysia defending.

Proof that i was there :b

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Morning...

Well to start off, i dint really had enough sleep last night. Cause i was only fully asleep at 5am and i was already up by 8 to play football with some of my highschool mates at PJ OLD TOWN. However, we ended up playing "futsal" bside the main field with 3 a side cause the field were alreadybeing used by people for some football tournament. Anyway, still enjoyed it alot eventhough couldnt blast the ball but hey at least i did some exercise and some football to cure the "racun".

Anywho, I'm really starting to like my job at italiannies. The people there are all friendly and fun !! Yea, maybe sometimes we might be at loggerheads with our fellow staff, managers or rather GM. But for me.Its all cool, cause in the end we're still part of the team. So yea, my days at italiannies are already numbered. I really hope i can really enjoy my remaining days at work..SO HERE GOES ! Last week at italiannies, HERE I COME. ( lets rock n roll babeh :D )


Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday Mayhem

Woot.Enjoyed working today !! There was a computer mal-function today at italiannies. Which oso means all the servers cant key in the order, so we were required to write on a papper and pass it to the kitchen for them to cook the meal. Sounds easy ?? Oh yea...haha but try to fo that when the restaurant is full and shot of staff..perfect recipe for disaster..We were like headless chicken. One minute the computer was back on, and then poof it shut down.

There were so many repeated orders, and even more missed orders but most of all ANGRY & HUNGRY customers..i guess its true when someone's hungry they can get equally grumpy too.
But ya, do we care ? Nope, sorry. In fact, we kinda enjoyed the chaotic-madness ! ( Haha terrible servers arent we ?) Everyone on the floor were shouting here and there, running around with tiramisu and asking table by table, " Excuse me, did u order any tiramisu ? " Slammed. Not one transaction was going smoothly. Drinks werent sent, orders being repeated, pizzas werent made, desserts were sent even before the main course..everything was in a state of chaos, madness & I LOVED EVERY BIT OF IT !!!

However, all "good" things must come to an end. By evening they manage to solve the technical problems and we're back online. Damn, talk about over depandance on technology. Yep, after surviving today's madness, i really admire how normal " Dai Chou" or chinese restaurant stalls can keep everything in such order eventhough they dont have computers or KDS system in the kitchen and all. But most of all, credits to everyone in italiannies, the guest, the servers (me too) , hosts,managers, BOH staffs who actually manage to overcome this technical problem. Good job !

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Short One.

All right. From tmrw onwards, I must try to know all the kitchen & expo staff's name. DAEM, I cant keep on calling each of them "eh,bang / handsome / lengchai " forever rite ?

Anywho, today Business was fairly good compared to last week. I was only busy running up and down, from 1 till 3pm, cause i was in charge of station 1 to 4 plus table 60. and for some freaking reason all the tables asked for the bill at the same moment !! Lol !! SLAMM !! But yea, thank god i dint slam.

After work, went yumcha with some old friends at OldTown in sentosa.Yep, it sure was a good day indeed. WOOT, off to bed then. Chao~( MUST TRY TO WAKE UP EARLIER TMRW OR ELSE SURE KENA FROM JAMES DI. )

PS: Ri dont give up on the cookies ok :D

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Screwed up day

For Fuck sake's, Italiannies please hire more workers !! Fuck everyone was busy like hell today. All the stations were basically slammed ! Whole bloody restaurant but with only one bar and one okay....and 6 servers today including yours trully. Walao run up n down up n down..

And things get even "better" when the 25 pax reservation people I was there preparing the olive oil for the guest to dip with their bread and there was this guest who said : " eh get some drinks for us ! Get a bucket of beer.." And i said : " okay, sir. " continued to pour my last plate. then he said " People so thirsty u still playing with ur thing."

Like what the fuck ?!! Hello im just doing my job. You dint tell me what beer u want and u dint order before hand and you expect things to pop up just like that ? F*&% YOU la ! ( ok maybe i shud have serve water for them first.)

Then nvrmind.Ordered beer di but the restaurant ran out of ice and all the beer are not chilled enuf. So, we put the beer at the bar first. Everyone was busy with the beer and ice and all. So, the food came out and we serve it first since its out di. Then,these zibai lady said "Dont serve food !! Bring us drinks la ! cannot understand ?!! "

Well.zibai.go FUCCK YOURSELF. Some more want free coffee and tea after meal.Fuck you poor bastard !! Lucky our manager is a good person. Smile smile smile zibai-kia..go die la !

But yea, on the lighter note. Seriously, i feel we are really understaff. So, all the top people up there,for crying outloud, dont keep questionin bout the sales figure only but think bout ways to improve efficiency of the restaurant and maintaining the number of employees at the moment is a definetly not a right move.

Ok, feel much better. Off to bed now.chao~

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ten Seconds Before Sunrise

An unbelievable powerful explosion boosting expansioning the universe 15 billion years ago.
The big bang left the foundations of the first atoms,first elements, first organisms, first life, the foundation of the world, our world.

We are done to develop plattery in the years that follow.
We progressed from the evolution organisms to the evolution of life and indeed, human kind.
As the human race developed, people discovered the world.The continents, divided them into countries, states, cities, streets.

They created infrastructures, energy sources, industries and of course,
A wide range of technology.These developments succeded each other and in even faster pace year after year.
Technology began to evolve more aggressively than people could handle physically.
But above all, mentally.

This evolution has created a world in which people are growing apart.
Rather than coming together.This path does not lead us to the true meaning in our existence.
So we have to traverse a force and make our way back to the essence of life.
There is only one way to discover the essence of our lives.
To gather knowledge about the core elements that make life possible.
That's why it's imparitive to learn about the existance and the function of the elements.
These components are better known as The Elements Of Life.
Indeed that's the direct proof that collision of the elements will be our guide of our journey. By using the specialized form of communication that he has involved himself.Music.

Get ready for a trip through the indefinable places and secrets that his world has installed for us.

Here he is...Tiësto.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Why increase ?

Besides the traditional " Not enough oil left in the world "reason , this is what i think that might have also contributed to the cause of high oil prices. ( Which, i might be wrong ) But, here goes. Enjoy.

First of all, we all know that USD is the most recognised currency in the world. And in the oil-trading market, it is no surprise why the USD is also being used. However, the US currency has been depreciating in this few years and this might just be one of the reasons why oil prices has been increasing dramaticly.

For example, in the past 1USD=RM3 and a barrel of petrol cost 1usd. Therefore our govt will pay 1usd which is equal to rm3. Now, 1USD=RM1.50. Thus, oil producer will have to increased the price level to 2usd to maitain rm3 per barrel to gain maximum profit.

Maybe in this case, Msians wont suffer that much since one barrel of petrol still cost the same, but for countries such as thailand which is not an oil exporting country will suffer badly.

Besides that, big time players who holds their cash in USD will start to realise that their assets in USD are dropping in value which make them look for other alternatives which can increase in value in the future, what else, but petrol. Therefore they will start pumping usd out which causes the depreciation but at the same time creating a demand pull for the oil prices ( Excessive demand over supply ).

Sigh,the global economic aint doing so well and the increased oil prices which will increase even more in the future will only cause more problems. Lets take a household for example. They originally earn 1000 a month but due to increased prices, their cost of living has gone up. What will the household do ? For starters they might wanna look for part time job, but what if Msia like US and the rest of the world falls into recession ? What will they do next ? What else, but to rob and steal out of desperation.

One might argue than how bout China ? Personally, i think China is growing so rapidly because of cheap labour and due to the olympic games. Once their labour cost starts to increase and the games are over, China would be just like any other Asean countries without anyother specialties to offer to the world.

Natural disasters, increase in oil prices, lack of food ,civil wars, corrupted governments,US economy falling apart. If you ask me, i would say its a perfect recipe for a World War 3 all right. * double gulp :/

Inflation Recession ?

Well based on my understandings , this is my review on Malaysia's economic. At the moment , Msia is having a different kind of economic problem, the one which we dont study in textbooks.( i hoped im right ! ) We are experiencing what i call an inflation, but with some characteristics of recession. Here are the points :

1) General price level of GnS are increasing. Seriously, the nasi lemak which cost 2bucks now cost 5bucks !!Which might be cause by increased in oil prices ( i'll comment on that later )
2) Malaysia currency is actually depreciating ( dont listen to our govt's nonsense ) which makes things worse as we all noe we're an importing country of many GnS, such as educations & high tech stuff. Thus, resulting cost push inflation.

However, heres the catch. Alot of ppl are actually losing jobs all over the world including Msia. For example, starbucks has been shutting down outlets, thus creating unemployment. Usually inflation happens when there is a excessive demand in the market which pushes the price level up. But the thing is, ppl are losing their jobs bt at the same time experiencing increase in price levels. So imagine this,we are unemployed & jobless but the same time we still must bear the higher cost of living, bcause as we noe it we cant live without food and fuel right ? WHAT SHOULD WE DO !! EXPANSIONARY FISCAL & MONETARY POLICY ? no it would just make things worse. SS side policy perhaps.But with cheaper alternatives in China & India, who wants to invest here ?! Plus with the poltical instability in our country, I am afraid its just not possible.

Doomed.I hoped not.All those US economists better think of something fast to cure the recession in US cause Msia is very much depandant on America & I sure dont like the way our country's economic is going. Dont play-play, this is just the begining.*gulp

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Besides the usual " wake up at 12 in the noon , eat ,watch tv, sleep, play then sleep again " routine , I got a chance to watch " Beauty and the Beast " musical with Noel & Suwei. Damn, i even scarificed my cousin's wedding in Penang just to watch my first musical. But it was all worth it, and the korean dinner Noel belanja was not bad at all ( it freaking cost 600 something of course nice lah, right ? ).

Yes, anyways, back to "B&B" musical . The candle dude and the clock was really hilarious and entertaining and the whole crew sang very well. Which is why,Im giving it a 4 out of 5. However, there was only one problem with the show. The girl who acted Bel in the musical was too short la.No offence, but the Bel I remembered from the cartoon was taller and prettier ! ( heheh )

Centre seat.

Besides the musical, i also did some fishing at my area just to kill time. Dint really catch anything big but yea for more detailed story of the fishing trip you can always go to my other fishing blog ," Fishinglog " under my links.

Anywho, im really loving this " i dont know what else to do cause im too free " feeling. WOOT !! What time is it ? Its "HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL" on ICE time baby !! O boy, I cant wait for it man !! Its gonna be great !! RITE........